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Please fill out the Community Assistance Friends Enterprise Intake Form below to receive free business and legal advice from CAFE.


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After submitting this online questionnaire, please allow at least three (3) business days for someone from CAFE to respond. CAFE will review the information you supplied on your intake form and respond with additional factual information and helpful resources, information on how to schedule a pro bono (free) consultation with a volunteer attorney or other professional, or other options. NOTE: We cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfill your request for a pro bono consultation. Please review carefully the terms below and check the box to confirm your understanding of these terms. 


Welcome to Community Assistance Friends Enterprise (“CAFE”), a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation. The attorneys (the “Volunteer Attorneys”) and other professionals (the Volunteer Professionals”) assisting with CAFE are volunteering their time to CAFE, and will not charge a fee for assisting you. 

This document represents the entirety of the understanding between CAFE, the Volunteer Attorneys, the Volunteer Professionals, and you. It contains the terms under which you will receive limited legal information and assistance with the small business you represent. 


CAFE, the Volunteer Attorney and the Volunteer Professionals will not be representing you in any capacity. You will be provided with general legal and business information and assistance only with respect to issues related to your small business, and based solely on the information provided in the Intake Form and that you share during a limited, remote consultation of approximately 45 minutes with a Volunteer Attorney or Volunteer Professional (the “Remote Consultation”). 

The Volunteer Attorneys will only provide assistance with respect to transactional matters and will not provide any assistance with regard to matters involving any existing or potential disputes or litigation. Volunteer Attorneys may work at law firms with many clients and want to make sure that they can continue to represent those other clients, even if the work they are doing for those clients has some relation to you and your legal issues. Similarly, Volunteer Professionals may work at large companies with many clients and want to make sure that they can continue to represent those other clients, even if the work they are doing for those clients has some relation to you and your legal issues

By agreeing to the terms of this agreement, you understand and agree to waive any conflicts with the Volunteer Attorneys’ or Volunteer Professionals’ firms present or future clients. If they learn during a consultation that a legal or business issue is actually in direct conflict with a client of the firm where they work, they will end the conversation and refer you back to another Volunteer Attorney or Volunteer Professional in the project who will be able to help you. 

The relationship between you and the Volunteer Attorney or Volunteer Professional automatically terminates at the completion of your Remote Consultation. The Volunteer Attorneys or Volunteer Professionals will not assist you in any capacity after the end of the Remote Consultation and assume no responsibility whatsoever for your small business. 

No attorney-client relationship or any ongoing relationship will be formed between you and CAFE, the Volunteer Attorneys, or the Volunteer Professionals. 

CAFE, the Volunteer Attorneys, and Volunteer Professionals do not guarantee any particular outcome based upon the information or advice you receive.

You agree to release from liability for inaccuracies or omissions, CAFE, the Volunteer Attorneys and the Volunteer Professionals, who may advise you during your interactions with CAFE, and the law firms and companies where they work. 

You understand that CAFE will collect and track basic information about you, and you consent to the use by CAFE of such information on an anonymous basis. 

For more information about how CAFE uses the information it collects, please see our Privacy Policy.