I was introduced to CAFE and their services by Aaron (Business Services Coordinator) during my second Cohort Session with PHILLYiHub. After completing the intake form, Rebecca responded very timely and scheduled a Zoom session to further learn about my business, Explore Cents Ltd and needs from CAFE.

Rebecca reviewed my current contract as well as website policies and procedures and terms.  I received astounding feedback on the documents I shared and a letter of engagement was created for the business.  Rebecca scheduled another Zoom session to assure all my questions had been answered and I understood the document in its entirety.  Additional changes were made as discussed. The professionalism and expertise of Rebecca was amazing and I am grateful for CAFE and the services they provide.  Being a new entrepreneur and lack of capital it had been challenging to ensure I had the correct jargon and legal documentation needed for providing services to clientele.   

I confidently recommend CAFE’s credentialed and expert team for the numerous professional services they provide to entrepreneurs.  You will not be disappointed.

Lavonya (Explore Cents Ltd, CEO)


My name is Dionne Carole and I am the Owner of Le Savoir Faire Etiquette Institute. My business became uniquely involved with CAFE when the business was in need of very specific legal filings. When I reached out with an initial inquiry as to whether they could guide me through my legal hurdles, I was immediately placed into the hands of Rebecca Emerson. Not only did she educate me on what needed to be done, she took my business hand and walked with me throughout the entire process from start to finish, which actually took a little over 2 years because this situation was post-pandemic and there were many delays on behalf of the State of Pennsylvania. 

Rebecca and the staff at CAFE were knowledgeable, professional, patient, and extremely kind. I truly could not have asked for a better experience to assist with making sure my business solutions were taken care of in the most efficient way.

Dionne Carole (CEO-Le Savoir Faire Etiquette Institute)

I don’t know what I would have done and how my situation would have turned out had it not been for the support that I received from Rebecca Emerson at CAFE. I am a small real estate investor that ran into major problems when my property suffered damages as a result of a neighboring property owner’s construction/excavation project. I reached out to several attorneys for whom I was prepared to pay for assistance but unfortunately, none of them were willing to touch my case. I contacted my city councilperson to inquire about other resources that may be available and was given Cafehelp.Org

Rebecca was an absolute Godsend. She was exceptionally patient with me as I can be a bit much when the frustration levels reach a particular point. She always remained calm and gave clear and concise explanations throughout the entire process. She made herself available if/when I had questions. It was evident that she was looking out for my best interest and I never felt like I was receiving anything less than top notch legal representation even though I paid nothing. I will be eternally grateful to Cafehelp and specifically to Rebecca Emerson, thank you Rebecca!

Michelle (Small Real Estate Investor)

From my initial encounter with the intake representative to the final draft of my contracts, EVERYONE was great! I’m very happy to have been referred to CAFE. Being a new entrepreneur with little to no money with a lot of questions, being able to receive this help was a great relief! Everyone that helped me was also very pleasant while doing so! They responded rather quickly whenever I reached out!

The attorney that assisted me did not make me feel as though I was a pro bono case at all! She went above and beyond! She showed enthusiasm for me during this process and made me feel like she truly was a part of my business team! She made the process a lot easier!

Dorothi (Staffing Agency Owner)

CAFE has been an outstanding resource for myself and my business. Having had to close my business due to the pandemic, I could not afford to spend hundreds of dollars on legal advice,  having done so in the past and achieving mediocre results.

I had a couple of legal issues that needed prompt attention and my attorney was very forthcoming and timely in her attention to the matter, never rushing or limiting her availability. Her contact both on the phone and in writing was very thorough and professional and she is clearly an experienced attorney.

I thoroughly recommend them as the first port of call when requiring legal advice and am grateful for their existence.

SP (Philadelphia Restaurateur)

The people at CAFE were very knowledgeable and always had my best interests in mind. As a beginner entrepreneur, it was great to receive an attorney consultation and detailed research about my ideas and business concept for free with CAFE. I found their volunteers and coordinators to be friendly and quick to answer any questions.

I would recommend CAFE to any other business owners or entrepreneurs who need help with the legal side of their projects.

Hamid (Entrepreneur)

CAFE really set me on the right track as a small business owner. I was given knowledge to help myself and was assisted by CAFE along the way. Due to CAFE helping me I was able to change my business structure. 

As a small business owner, I am so grateful to Rebecca, my attorney, for going above and beyond in explaining  certain legal aspects of my business.

Angela O. (Blue Hair Trucker Lady LLC)

We are very grateful for the excellent service we had from our CAFE attorney. She was diligent, friendly, and always made sure that we understood all the concepts and information in the documents. 

We appreciate her patience and commitment to her work with our company.

Thank you CAFE for the service you provide to the community and small business owners.

Innovech (Small Business)

We needed help in reviewing policies on our website which uses a UK platform. CAFE looked through the policies and advised what should be changed to comply with US laws. We now feel confident that our websites are in compliance and will not cause issues. Many thanks to CAFE for their help.


Robert (Committee Convener Non-Profit Corporation)